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College Football Rankings, Week 15: Oregon No. 6 in Latest AP Poll

Week 15's AP poll had a decent amount of shakeups taking place, just not amongst the top two schools. 

LSU and Alabama remain the No. 1 and 2 in the country once again in the AP poll for week 15, though barely edged out No. 3 Oklahoma State who received only 18 fewer voting points that the Crimson Tide (1,418 compared to 1,400). Not exactly a run-away consensus pick. What's interesting still is that the fourth, fifth, and sixth ranked teams all come from the Pac-12 as Stanford, USC, and Oregon fill them out respectfully, with USC leapfrogging the Pac-12 champions and conference representative in the Rose Bowl and a team the Ducks beat, the Cardinal, in front of them as well. 

Arkansas, Boise State, Wisconsin and South Carolina round out the rest of the top 10.

Here is the complete top 25 this week


2 Alabama

3 Oklahoma State

4 Stanford


6 Oregon

7 Arkansas

8 Boise State

9 Wisconsin

10 South Carolina

11 Kansas State

12 Michigan State

13 Michigan 

14 Clemson

15 Baylor

16 TCU

17 Virginia Tech

18 Georgia

19 Oklahoma

20 Houston

21 Nebraska

22 So. Miss

23 West Virginia

24 Penn State

25 Florida State