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Nick Holt "Absolutely" Expects To Return Next Year

On Friday morning, reported that Washington Huskies defensive coordinator Nick Holt and safeties coach Jeff Mills would not return next season. With the team traveling from Texas back to Seattle most of Friday, reporters were not able to get in touch with team officials.

Bob Condotta, the Seattle Times Husky football beat reporter cleared up the rumors in a series of tweets Friday night.

UW official team party has arrived back in Seattle from Alamo Bowl. And according to one high-ranking official there is "no news'' on the coaching front. Of the rumor, said "'it's news to me.'' So nothing coming from UW today, it doesn't appear.

Just talked to Nick Holt. Said of a report that he won't be back that it's "news to me.'' Asked if he expects to be back next year he said "absolutely, yeah.''

Just to reiterate further, official word from UW officials is there is nothing to report on the coaching front. No truth to rumors. ... Sarkisian apparently told TV crews he won't comment on rumors but had nothing to report.

As for now, it looks like Nick Holt and Jeff Mills are still a part of the coaching staff. Any news on potential changes to the coaching staff will happen presumably soon with Sarkisian needing to fill the vacant cornerbacks coach position. Demetrice Martin joined Jim Mora's UCLA staff in mid-December.

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