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Huskies Will Honor Andrew Moritz Before Game

An official release on the Washington athletic website,, announced that the team will honor the late Andrew Moritz before the team's Pac-12 opener on Thursday. Moritz, a former Husky player from 1997-2000, passed away from a three-year fight with cancer in late November.

The release didn't specify how exactly Moritz would be honored, but included this snippet:

The Huskies will play Thursday's game with a decal on the floor by their team bench displaying the initials A.M. and the years of his life, 1978-2011. (Via: reports that Moritz' mother, Marilyn, will be on the court to receive a No. 11 Huskies jersey with a special patch sewn on it prior to the game.

In Washington's game against Marquette in early December, the team wore patches on their jerseys with the initials A.M. and the years of Mortiz' life, 1978-2011.

Thursday's game against Oregon State tips off at 6:00 p.m.