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2012 Rose Bowl Photo: LaMichael James Thinks Disneyland Is Terrifying

I'll be honest, I wouldn't know what it's like to play Division I football, to get hit by dudes north of 300 pounds whilst running full speed, so I can only assume that LaMichael James has guts. He's got talent. He's got moves. He's gone up against the best players in the nation for the past three seasons and in a large amount of those matchups he's come out on top. None of that, though, prepared him for the horror that is Disneyland's Space Mountain.

I am a keen observer of human emotion. I've developed facial recognition software that can recognize up to 148 human emotions (I haven't really done any of that), and my experience tells me that the emotion LaMichael is living below is that of unbridled panicfearterrorcryinghorror.


(Thanks to Kenjon Barner for the photo.)

I'm assuming that LaMichael is joking around on this... but I'm not sure. Which is what makes it awesome.

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