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Pac-12 Championship Game Update: Oregon Ducks Offense Dominates First Half

The Oregon Ducks have been one of the most impressive teams offensively in 2011 and they showed the entire nation what they're capable of in the first half. After 30 minutes of play, UO leads the UCLA Bruins by a score of 35-17. The Bruins are showing a lot of heart in Rich Neuheisel's final game with the program, but it appears that the Ducks are just too talented and too athletic to hang with.

LaMichael James has been unstoppable and rushed for 115 yards and two touchdowns in the first half. On the first drive of the game, James broke away for a 30-yard TD run after the Bruins had forced Oregon into a 4th and one situation. Quarterback Darron Thomas has played well and threw for 158 yards and two touchdowns in the half, although he also surrendered an interception that was returned for a touchdown.

UCLA has just one offensive touchdown thus far, and it came on a flea-flicker that saw Kevin Prince hit Nelson Rosario on a 37-yard strike that cut the deficit to 21-14 midway through the second quarter. Unfortunately for the Bruins, the defense has had no answer for the Ducks and surrendered two touchdowns late in the half. Unless drastic changes are made in the second half, it's tough to see UCLA hanging in for much longer.

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