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Oregon Ducks Website Hacked: Dana Altman's Quotes About Virginia Were Made Up

On Sunday night, the Oregon Ducks men's basketball team head coach, Dana Altman, had some pretty disparaging things to say about the Virginia Cavaliers, who had just defeated the Ducks by a final score of 67-54. Among Altman's gripes were the pre-game meal, partly blaming the loss on overcooked spaghetti. If that all sounds a little odd to you, maybe it should. Steve Yanda of the Washington Post is reporting that the quotes were made up by a hacker.

Oregon school officials are claiming that a hacker gained access to the school's athletics department website and made up the fake Altman quotes. The site was apparently hacked on Monday, as well. Among the fake quotes attributed to Altman is this winner:

On Scott, who tallied 17 points and 13 rebounds against Oregon: "All-ACC? I wasn't that impressed. Our defense was poor, and we didn't block out well. The way we played, that stat line doesn't surprise me. Nice hair, though."

Oregon's assistant director of media services called the incident "incredibly unfortunate." I prefer to think of it as "Not quite as awesome as it could have been."

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