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Oregon Vs. Stanford: Chip Kelly With Amusing Remarks On Andrew Luck

The Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal are ready to hit the field, and the biggest question for the Ducks is how do they plan to contain Heisman Trophy candidate Andrew Luck. The Stanford quarterback has clearly improved from the last time the two faced off with each other a year ago, and he's not going to be an easy contain for the Oregon defense.

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly had a quirky comment about Luck.


When asked if he’d prefer to keep Stanford QB Andrew Luck "contained in the pocket or let him roam out in space," coach Chip Kelly joked: "I would like him to be in outerspace. Put him in a rocket and send him to the moon for the weekend."

That being said, if anyone knows the success to containing Luck and the Stanford offense, it's Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti, who held the Stanford offense to only three sustained scoring drives (two other touchdowns came off turnovers on short field) in last year's meeting in Autzen, including zero second half points. It remains to be seen whether Aliotti can do the same thing this year to Luck, who has been pretty dynamite coming out of the locker room at halftime (and pregame too). The Ducks might have to be prepared to put up the points if they plan on victory on Sunday.

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