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Oregon vs. Stanford: Yes, The Rest Of The Pac-12 Will Be Watching

As the game of the year in the Pac-12 is only a few short days away, the hype surrounding the No. 3 Stanford Cardinal hosting the No. 6 Oregon Ducks is palpable, and growing with every passing moment. 

The Nation will undoubtedly be watching this game closely this Saturday as it will play a large factor into deciding who will play in the National Championship game this year, and one group of folks is incredibly excited to watch them play; the rest of the Pac-12

Oregon State head coach Mike Riley certainly is hyped up about this meeting of Pac-12 alpha dogs:

"I'm just a fan here talking now, but I think you're talking about two great running teams with totally diverse styles. That's what's neat about it and that's what's neat about college football."    

University of Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian had this to say about the upcoming Stanford/Oregon matchup, noting the different ways each team tries to use the run game to their advantage:

"You're talking about one team that goes as fast as they can go, (hoping) that speed and number of snaps can wear you out," Washington's Steve Sarkisian said. "And you're talking about another team that snaps the ball with under 5 seconds on the play clock and tries to wear you down physically, pounding you and running the football."

Riley and Sarkisian know all about the pitfalls of playing against these two powerhouses, but watching them beat up on each other for the Pac-12 North title is enough to even make other coaches stop and watch. It's going to be one for the history books down on the Farm this Saturday, and everyone will be tuning it. 

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