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BCS Rankings, Week 11: Oregon Ducks Rising In Computers

The Oregon Ducks are starting to hit the meat of their schedule, and the computers are starting to respect them a lot more for it. It could be their key to leapfrogging up the BCS standings through the month of November.

After a slow start, Oregon is moving up the computer rankings, taking a five spot leap from 13th to eighth. The Ducks beat their second quality opponent when they rocked up the Washington Huskies, which probably dramatically improved their strength of schedule. A victory over the Stanford Cardinal would probably rock the computers all the higher.

Not only is Oregon beating good teams, but the team they lost to is proving their worth as well. LSU's success is Oregon's gain at this point, as their loss to the Tigers continues to look better and better as LSU remains number one in the country. Even if Oregon does lose to Stanford, it'd be quite the claim to lose to two teams that ended up in the national championship game. They'd be in good shape to at least remain in the top 14 of the rankings and ensure themselves an automatic BCS bid.

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