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Washington Vs. Oregon Score Update: Ducks Capitalize On Husky Turnovers, Up 17-3

It looks like Keith Price is human. In the past two games, Price has throw five interceptions, including two interceptions in the first half in today's game. Oregon safety Eddie Pleasant has picked off Price in both instances. Both interceptions were ill-advised; the one in the first quarter was into double coverage, while Price's second interception was simply overthrown.

Oregon was able to capitalize on both interceptions with touchdowns. Instead of what could be a 10-6 or a 10-7 game, the Huskies are already down by two possessions.

The Ducks quick and aggressive defense is leaving little time for Price in the pocket to make informed decisions. In the Huskies' last drive, Oregon rushed only three defensive lineman and was still able to sack Price.

Head Coach Steve Sarkisian was telling Price to settle down when the Huskies came off the field in the last drive. Several of Price's passes have been uncharacteristically long and high.