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Oregon State Vs. Stanford Score Update: Cardinal Lead 7-0 In Early Second Quarter

The Oregon State Beavers have held the own in the first quarter of their game against the Stanford Cardinal and trail just 7-0 three seconds into the second quarter. Neither team has been very sharp offensively but the offense should pick up in the second quarter as both teams get comfortable with the game speed.

Andrew Luck and the Cardinal received the opening kickoff but managed to move only 32 yards. Both teams swapped punts before Luck was intercepted by Michael Doctor. Unfortunately, the Beavers were unable to do much with the ball after regaining possession and promptly went three-and-out.

Stanford has not pulled away and has given Oregon State a chance to keep things close by the time the two teams enter halftime. Stanford has a tendency to turn up their offense in the second half, so a good second quarter by the Beavers could be instrumental in keeping up with the Cardinal in the second half.

The first quarter marks the first time that the Cardinal have been shut out in the first quarter this year. Stanford did manage to punch in a score just three seconds into the second quarter when Jeremy Steward rushed in for a two-yard score to move Stanford to a 7-0 lead.