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The Great Potato War: Expansion Edition

Boise State is going to join the Big East; it's only a matter of time. And on Thursday, the Broncos took the first step towards changing conferences, petitioning the Idaho State Board of Education to allow them to make a final decision at a later date. But it wasn't so simple, and the vote included a blocking attempt by a friendly neighborhood rival.

The motion was approved, but not before the University of Idaho jumped in. The following three notes are hilarious in many ways.

Board member from Moscow, home of U of I, makes alternate motion to delay decision.

The motion to delay the decision dies for lack of a second.

The board voted 7-1 to give Kustra the authority. The no vote came from Bill Goesling, a board member from Moscow.


This is like a little kid trying to jump up and reach the top shelf, and it's quite adorable. First, the member from U of I tries to delay the decision, hoping to make Boise State wait, only to see the rest of the class shun him. Then he pouts, casting a symbolic no vote for the fun of it.

I understand the sentiment -- Idaho is wasting away in the all-but-dead WAC -- but there's something hilarious about the board room politics in this case. Still, nice try Idaho!