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Redskins Vs. Seahawks Score: Rex Grossman Looks Great, But Throws A Pick, Tied At 7-7

The Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks are a study in contrast today, particularly at the quarterback position.

Rex Grossman has coming out wheeling and dealing (against all odds). The embattled Redskins quarterback completed seven of eight passes for 79 yards, using mostly play-action passes to find his men. Grossman particularly connected with his tight end Fred Davis three times for 53 yards on his opening drive, including the two yard touchdown pass. That drive took up eight minutes of the first half, and Grossman is firing on all cylinders as he's completed 13 of his first 14 passes.

Seattle's offense has yet to get going, but thankfully Grossman finally came undone with a bad pick thrown to Brandon Browner. Tarvaris Jackson immediately capitalized with a 20 yard touchdown pass to Marshawn Lynch, and Seattle is suddenly all tied up with Washington despite having six less first downs and 100 yards less of total offense. Strange game up at Century Link Field.

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