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Civil War, Oregon Vs. Oregon State 2011: Series History And Rivalry Notes

The Civil War has been going on for 94 years, and the rivalry has been fairly even for much of the century. The Oregon Ducks and Oregon St. Beavers have both enjoyed a history of success at various parts of the rivalry, and it looks like both sides will be competing long and hard for bragging rights in the state.

Oregon isn't exactly worried too much about Oregon State considering how superior the Ducks look on paper. But it's not like there haven't been upsets in this series, so both teams will have to be on their toes. Chip Kelly has generally been on top of things though having won his first two meetings in the series and his third helping charge the offense.

Series record: Ducks lead the all-time series 45-43-6.

Last year’s result: Oregon won 37-20 to win the Pac-10 clinch a spot in the BCS National Championship.

Current streak: Ducks have won their last three games

Longest-ever streak:  Ducks had an eight game winning streak (1975-1982); Beavers had an eight game losing streak (1964-1971).

First meeting: November 25, 1916

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