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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Seahawks Rewarded For Win Streak

The Seattle Seahawks have won two straight games. The Power Rankings have taken notice.

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The Seattle Seahawks are in one of those precarious positions middle of the road teams often find themselves in. They aren't good enough to make any real noise but they aren't bad enough to go away quietly into, well, the draft order. Fans have to be torn between hanging it up or letting their young team fight the rest of the season and improve.

As of now, it looks like the Seahawks have decided that they're going to play until the schedule tells them to stop and the Power Rankings show that resiliency.

ESPN moved the Seahawks up one spot to no. 23 and spoke on the team's chances at reaching .500 by season's end.

Sportsline gave the Seahawks the biggest boost up five spots to no. 22, giving Pete Carroll for an improved defense during the team's back-to-back wins.

SB Nation, which moved the Seahawks up one spot to no. 23, gave props in a realistic fashion. Yes, it's two in a row. But that draft spot is slowly dropping with each win. Decisions, decisions...