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Tony Wroten Quits Twitter After Disappointing Loss To Saint Louis

Washington Huskies freshmen point guard Tony Wroten Jr. left a message for his 5000 plus followers on Twitter Sunday night:


Tony Wroten
This is my last night on twitter for awhile. It's time to really focus now. I'll tweet every blue moon but other than that im off. 


Wroten's tweet comes on the same day as the Huskies' disappointing 77-64 defeat at the hands of Saint Louis. The freshmen phenom was the team's second highest leading scorer with 14 points. However, he finished the game with a team high five turnovers. Wroten's twitter account has been the subject of controversy in the past, and even led to a Seattle Public Schools investigation.

The last time a Husky basketball player quitted twitter, it yielded positive consequences. In a similar situation, Isaiah Thomas took a break from Twitter midseason in Februrary during the 2010-11 season. Thomas ended up staying true to his word and returned to the social media service after winning the Pac-12 tournament championship.