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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Seahawks Reap Benefits Of Victory Over Ravens

Seahawks once again proved they could beat anybody when focused. But did that change their Power Ranking?

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The Seattle Seahawks have everyone confused, including the nation's top Power Rankings. They knocked off one of the top teams in the AFC in the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday but still sit at 3-6. Can't really put a finger on this team but they are the true definition of ‘Any Given Sunday.'

ESPN moved the Seahawks up four spots to no. 24 and commented on how much the offensive line is helping the running game complement a tough defense.

Sportsline moved the Seahawks up only one spot to no. 27 but commented on the same two elements of the Seahawks improvement: defense and the running game, particularly Marshawn Lynch.

SBNation moved the Seahawks up five spots to no. 24, but that doesn't mean they know who this team is. Just like everyone else, nobody really knows who this team is.

Maybe some time soon, the Seahawks can finally answer that question.