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Oregon State Vs. Cal Score Update: Beavers Trail 20-6 After Third Quarter

The Oregon State Beavers have not fared well through the first three quarters of their game against the California Golden Bears. Heading into the final quarter, the Beavers are trailing by a score of 20-6.

Isi Sofele of the Golden Bears was responsible for the only scoring of the third quarter. He managed a 20 yard touchdown run toward the beginning of the second half. A missed extra point later, Cal had a 20-6 lead.

The Beavers have not been able to find the end zone throughout the game. Their entire offense so far is due to freshman kicker Trevor Romaine, who nailed two field goals, including a career long of 48 yards. The Beavers offense is looking outmatched by the Cal defense. They have only managed to convert one third down the entire game, and have been held to less than 200 total yards.

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