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College Football Rankings, Week 10: Oregon Ducks Move Up To 6th In Blogpoll

The Oregon Ducks continue to remain the most attractive one-loss team in the country, and the SB Nation Blogpoll rankings show that the human element is decidedly in their favor. They're ranked 6th this week and remain ahead of the Oklahoma Sooners and the Arkansas Razorbacks, and you figure that with a difficult schedule ahead, they should be able to stay ahead of them.

As mentioned before, Oregon's schedule only gets tougher from here, so if they can string off a host of impressive victories against Washington, USC, and most importantly of all Stanford, they're poised to make big leaps up the ladder and move as high as third, perhaps even second if one of the teams above them trips up in an upset bid. Oregon just needs to keep on winning to keep the trend moving upward.

To check out the blogpoll rankings, click here for the full report from Andy Hutchins. For more on Oregon football, go to Addicted to Quack.