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VIDEO: LaMichael James Discusses His Elbow Injury, Is Tougher Than You Are

So Oregon Ducks running back LaMichael James suffered an elbow dislocation against Cal. No big deal to the toughest runner in college football. I mean, seriously, no big deal. The man just pops it back in and moves on.

James talked afterwards to reporters about the injury.  They might as well have been talking about their favorite movies the casual way they were bantering back and forth with each other. Check out the video of LaMichael's post-game presser after the jump.


LaMichael James doesn't take medicine. Medicine must take LaMichael James for everything to work out. Gotta love that talk from your star running back.

Here's a fun little tidbit for you courtesy of Chris Courtney of

James says he put his elbow back in to socket as he lay on the turf. Says he actually dislocated the same elbow in HS and played next week.

While I doubt the Oregon coaching staff will be quick to put James back on the field, you have to like the fact that he responds quickly and is ready to get back out there. Oregon is blessed to have him as their on-field leader.

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