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PHOTOS: Oregon Ducks Going With Black Helmets And Green Uniforms vs. Cal

ESPN's College Football Live has obtained the look that the Oregon Ducks will be sporting tonight under the lights of Autzen Stadium against the California Golden Bears, and they posted the image of the unis on their Twitter feed.

And the circle is now complete. Stormtroopers vs. green Darth Vaders. It's what we've always wanted to see. Dark Side vs. foot soldiers, who will triumph?

After the jump, you can view all the crucial photos of the Oregon uniforms and helmets in their full dark glory.


Owly Images

Owly Images

Oregon SID Andy McNamara does talk a little bit on Twitter about a slightly textured yellow O, along with Donald Duck also showing up on top of the helmet.

I have to admit, the full get-up looks a lot more polished than the originals. The retro-look does look a lot classier with the black helmets. It gives it a sense of style and flash that wasn't quite there when you just viewed it with the Puddles unis, but I can see people getting behind this.

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