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The Odds Are Against The Seahawks In 2011

Entering this season, there was a lot of hope and optimism surrounding the Seattle Seahawks in 2011. After a surprise playoff appearance last year, it was easy to get excited about a young team as they continue to develop. Unfortunately, a slow start has placed a damper on some of those expectations, and the odds are now stacked pretty heavily against the Hawks.

While no one is saying there is no chance of a playoff run, mathematically explains to us post-season play is looking unlikely at this point in the season. After four weeks of play, Seattle is projected for 5.6 wins and their chances at winning the division are listed at just 3.9%. The chance at a wild card berth is even lower at 0.9%.

This all being said, these are simply numbers and projections and they have absolutely no impact on the game. Stranger things have happened in sports and there is definitely time for Seattle to turn their season around. And even if the odds are stacked against them, you know what they say about chances...