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VIDEO: Hope Solo On Dancing With The Stars, Doing A Sexy Cha Cha

Hope Solo is turning up the flair and the sexy styling on Dancing With The Stars. Wearing a suggestive dress and playing it close up, the Washington alumni was good to go on Monday night. Solo seemed to embrace the fact that she is a beautiful woman and can radiate sensuality in her dancing movements.

Oh yeah, plus a skirt. Who doesn't love skirts?

Her talents were on full flair. Watch the video of her performance after the jump!

Solo proved that she could show the moves and use her physical talents to her advantage, and she received the highest scores she's gotten on the show up to this point. Now it's only a matter of improving to the point where she can do every potential dance and be versatile enough to nail every dance as the competition gets tighter.

To vote for Solo, call 1-800-868-3408. Watch Solo's first two dances here too!

Week 2: Jive
Week 1: Viennese waltz