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John Clayton Insults Seahawks Quarterback Situation

The Seattle Seahawks find themselves in the middle of a challenging season after enduring their second straight loss on Sunday in a 34-12 rout by the Cincinnati Bengals. There are many areas of improvement that one could point to with this team: if you ask ESPN's John Clayton, he'd tell you to start with the quarterback position.

According to 710 ESPN Seattle, Clayton said on Monday that the entire Seahawks coaching staff may be in for a change if they don't draft a quarterback next year.

Ouch. That's a slap in the face to Pete Carroll and crew. Carroll brought the Seahawks a playoff berth last year and a playoff victory over the defending champion New Orleans Saints in his first season as head coach. Would the Seahawks really part ways with him one season removed from that type of success, assuming that the Seahawks remain mediocre the rest of the way this year?

Clayton's comment may be a bigger slap in the fact to quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. Carroll decided to part ways with long-time Seahawks starter Matt Hasselback and went out of his way to acquire Tarvaris Jackson. So far, Jackson has averaged 198.7 yards per game with six touchdowns and six interceptions.

Jackson's stats aren't great and the Seahawks aren't gaining any national love with their 2-5 record, but it's too soon to make any bold claims about the coaching staff. Clayton seems to be a little too trigger-happy with the Seahawks right now.