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BCS Rankings, Week 10: Oregon Drops One Spot, Leapfrogged By Oklahoma And Arkansas

Poor Oregon Ducks. All they do is win in the Pac-12. All they did this week was drop.

Oregon fell from seventh to eighth in the latest BCS standings report, despite a rather comfortable win over the Washington St. Cougars. Meanwhile, both the Oklahoma Sooners (conquerors of Kansas State) and Arkansas Razorbacks (narrow victors in Vanderbilt) jumped ahead of Oregon while the Clemson Tigers dropped behind after their upset.

It has to be a puzzling result for Oregon, but you have to guess that the computers have yet to be impressed with what the Ducks have done on the football field based on the strength of the opponents they faced, with only a lone victory over the Arizona St. Sun Devils being remotely impressive.

Well, here comes the killer slate for Oregon: at Washington, at Stanford, home to USC. Win all three, and I doubt they'll have to worry about those low computer rankings anymore.

Here are the full BCS standings.

BCS Team




2 Alabama


3 Oklahoma State


4 Stanford 


5 Boise


6 Oklahoma


7 Arkansas


8 Oregon


9 South Carolina


10 Nebraska


11 Clemson


12 Virginia Tech


13 Houston


14 Kansas State


15 Michigan


16 Penn State 


17 Michigan State


18 Georgia


19 Arizona State


20 Wisconson


21 Texas


22 Auburn


23 Georgia Tech


24 West Virginia 


25 Southern Miss


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