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Harris Poll, Week 10: Oregon Mirrors Other Polls, Moves To No. 6

The Oregon Ducks are sixth across the board. The Harris Poll emulated their counterparts in the AP and Coaches Poll, as Oregon moved up one spot from No. 7 to No. 6. The Ducks haven't played particularly well in their victories, but they keep winning, and have only one loss to perhaps the best team in the country.

Oregon keeps on marching inexorably to another likely BCS bid if they keep on winning, as they're only poised to rise if they can keep on winning their games. Winning out assures them of a Pac-12 title game, and beating everyone except Stanford will still put them in strong position for an at-large bid as long as they don't get embarrassed by the Cardinal. Many scenarios are still in place for the Ducks to be in the chase until the end.

Here' s a list of the rankings:

Rank  Team
1  LSU  (93 first place votes)
2  Alabama (21)
3  Oklahoma St
4  Stanford (1)
5  Boise State
6  Oregon
7  Oklahoma
8  Arkansas
9  Nebraska
10  Clemson
11  South Carolin
12  Virginia Tech
13  Michigan
14  Houston
15  Kansas State
16  Penn State
17  Michigan Sta
18  Wisconsin
19  Arizona State
20  Georgia
21  Georgia Tech
22  West Virginia
23  Cincinnati
24  Texas
25  Auburn

The Washington Huskies are still hovering outside the Harris poll, marooned around the 29th spot. An upset of Oregon next week could go a long way to moving them up.