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Oregon Vs. Utah Score Update: Beavers Trail Utes 3-0 Early

The Oregon State Beavers came into their game against the Utah Utes as the underdogs, but after one quarter of play, the teams seem fairly evenly matched.

The Utes are looking for their first win in this season in Pac-12 play. They were able to get on the board halfway through the first quarter on a 48-yard field goal by Coleman Petersen. Other than that, the offenses for both teams have been stifled. Utah has only nine passing yards so far, preferring to rely on their running game.

Neither team has a forced turnover in the game. The early story in this one is a combination of tough defense from both teams and a healthy amount of incomplete passes.

Beavers quarterback Sean Mannion has 67 passing yards. The Beavers attempted to convert from a fourth and short situation early in the second quarter, but the play resulted in another incomplete pass and a turnover on downs.

If you want to cheer on your team with other Beavers fans, you can always find them over at Building The Dam.