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Paul Wullf Calls Job Security Questions "Ignorant Talk"

Washington State Cougars head coach Paul Wulff knows that his team hasn't had the season they'd have liked to thus far, but any questions about his job security are completely erroneous according to coach. 

Wulff went on the "Kevin Calabro Show" to discuss how the team has been doing, as well as the rumors that he might be on the hot seat:

"This whole thing about fighting for my job ... we're building a program and we've got a damn good young football team, one that people that know football ... know we've got a really good football team that's improved drastically," he said. "I don't get caught up in all that B.S. talk because they have no idea about how far we've come and where we're headed. It's just ignorant talk."    

In his three and a half seasons with the Cougars Wullf has only a 8-36 record, though he admits that the lack of scholarships have definitely hindered the progress to the 'ugly' situation that he inherited. They're 3-4 this year with losses to Stanford, UCLA, and Oregon State, likely leaving them out of contention for any bowl games unless the do something magical the rest of the way. 

"What people don't understand is when you walk into the worst program in the BCS four years ago it's not going to get fixed in a couple of years." 

The truth hurts sometimes. 

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