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Video: Marshawn Lynch Doesn’t Care About Your Fantasy Team

Lots of people love fantasy football, and why shouldn't they? It's a great way to amp up competition between you and your friends while testing your knowledge of the game's best players. But fantasy leagues are just that: fantasy. It's easy to get your rooting interests mixed up between your fantasy squad and actual NFL teams.

Just ask The Most Annoying Guy In The World. He's all about his fantasy team, but thankfully Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch gets to talk some sense into him. Check out the video after the jump.

The Most Annoying Guy In The World | Fantasy Football Guy (via SportsTVHD)

The point is clear: Marshawn Lynch doesn't care about your fantasy team. He doesn't even care about those fantasy owners who love him and wish him well every week. Any game that makes you cheer after a player gets injured (as The Most Annoying Guy In The World does after finding out about Andre Johnson's injury) won't draw any favors from the players themselves.

As Lynch astutely points out, nobody cares about your fantasy team. Ironically enough, it's not a two-way street. Fantasy owners do care about their players while despising their opponents' players. So there's a positive for Lynch here: ardent Seahawks fans and fantasy owners alike send positive vibes his way when he plays, even if he doesn't care for half of that group in the least.