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NFL Pro Bowl Ballot: Not Many Seahawks Options

The Pro Bowl ballot is out. But that isn't really news to the Seahawks.

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At this point in the season, the Pro Bowl is the last thing on players' minds. But for fans, it is just another thing to keep them occupied and thinking about football.

But what about bad teams? Does it give them something to look forward to as individuals since the team goals aren't being reached? No way of telling unless we attach players to lie detector tests to prevent the generic, politically correct answers.

When it comes to the Seattle Seahawks, there really isn't too much worry about concerning players losing focus on the team goals since individually they aren't faring too well either. Due to an anemic offense, that side of the ball hasn't produced any options to put among the elite in the league. On defense, David Hawthorne and Kam Chancellor, particularly the latter, might enter some discussions. Hawthorne leads the team with 40 tackles though only 23 are solo, while Chancellor has 38 tackles including 30 solo plus two interceptions.

Aside from that, the Pro Bowl isn't a major concern of the Seahawks at this point.

Nonetheless, you may vote for the Pro Bowl here.