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NFL Power Rankings, Week 8: ESPN, Sportsline Drop Seahawks Further

The Seahawks punishment for losing the ugliest game of the season? A nice trip further down the NFL Power Rankings.

The drop continues for the Seattle Seahawks. But now, it's actually turning into a plummet. After losing possibly the ugliest game of the season, 6-3 to the Cleveland Browns, national websites felt it was necessary to drop the Seahawks even further down their Power Rankings.

CBS Sportsline noted how much this team is in need of Tarvaris Jackson's return from injury to reclaim his starting quarterback position. Jackson might be smiling internally to finally be in a position where people are actually wanting his presence. Unfortunately, until that happens, Sportsline has the Seahawks at no. 26, a week after they were no. 24.

Sunday's game was just bad and ESPN pointed out the historical nature of just how bad it was. Prior to Sunday, Seattle was 42-0 when holding opponents to six points or less. Now, they're 42-1. All those past Seahawks have to be shaking their heads right now. ESPN felt it was necessary to give the Seahawks the biggest drop off among the three major sites, as they were moved from no. 22 last week to no. 26 this week.

SBNation was just frank. Sunday was ugly. It just was. Dropped the Seahawks from no. 26 to no. 28.

Mr. Jackson, if you're listening, please, come back.