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BCS Rankings, Week 9: Oregon Football Placed Low By Computers

The Oregon Ducks are standing tall as one of the top seven teams in the nation and the top one-loss team. However, Oregon has some serious catching up to do if they want to get into the top six, as Stanford (in sixth) is about .125 points ahead of the Ducks. A lot of that has to do with their computer rankings, which are very low. Oregon is ranked 12th by the computers, five spots below their current position.

Oregon's strength of schedule could be the main culprit; the Ducks have lost to the top team in the country to LSU and beaten a top 25 opponent in ASU, but the rest of their schedule has been hardly intimidating--wins over Colorado, Cal, Arizona, Nevada, Missouri State just don't mean too much yet.  Also, with the computers putting very little emphasis on margin of victory, Oregon's huge victories over their foes aren't quite as impressive.

Oregon will have some big-quality opponents ahead though, as Washington, USC and (most important of all) Stanford loom ahead. They'll have a chance to climb in the computers soon enough, which could put them right in the BCS hunt.

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