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Oregon Ducks Football: Darron Thomas Expects To Play Vs. Colorado

From doubtful to questionable to probable. Back comes Oregon Ducks quarterback Darron Thomas with plenty of time to spare. Lindsay Schnell of the Oregonian has the story.

Thomas, who said he’s not a fan of contact, doesn’t expect to change his running style when he returns to the field.

"I’m not changing my running style — it’s more about being aware, and getting down as the quarterback when contact is coming, not taking a lot of contact," Thomas said. "You want to be safe about your body. I just need to be watching who I’m running into, watching players around me and getting up quick, not letting players fall on me. It’s more of a precaution."

"Avoid contact?" You mean he's going to hand off the ball the entire game? Can't Bryan Bennett do that?

It's curious to see the bravado both LaMichael James and Thomas are putting forth to try and get on the field on Saturday. It's the Colorado Buffaloes, a team that's been blown out by Stanford and Washington in successive weeks, a team that's already lost to Cal and Washington State at HOME. Why are either of them even thinking about rushing back and risking further injury? Take your rest and get ready for the crucial Pac-12 slate of Washington State, Washington, Stanford and USC four weeks out of four.

Or go ahead and play and be up 35-0 by halftime and see nothing happen to either of them. That could totally happen too.

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