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LaMichael James, Darron Thomas Look Healthy For Oregon Vs. Colorado. Will They Play?

The status of Oregon Ducks starting tailback LaMichael James and starting quarterback Darron Thomas is of paramount concern to the fans of the green and yellow. Although their opponent this week is the hapless Colorado Buffaloes, Oregon would love to see both of their main offensive stars back in action sooner rather than later. Bryan Bennett and Kenjon Barner are both suitable replacements, but they don't quite yet have the game-changing ability that James provides with his feet and Thomas with his arm.

There are some encouraging reports that both might be ready to play this Saturday. James is ready to go and Thomas doesn't appear to have a limp anymore. Ken Goe of the Oregonian has more.

Asked about his range motion, James replied: "I haven't got full yet, but it's close. ... I definitely could play. It's one of those things, if they need me to play. Kenjon is doing a great job of running the ball, and De'Anthony (Thomas). And Darron (Thomas) and Bryan Bennett. Those guys are doing a great job. So I don't know if they'll need me." 


Thomas looked fine leaving practice in the Moshofsky Center on Tuesday. He was walking without a limp, and was in full pads.

It's debatable whether either James or Thomas are really needed this week, and of course it's hard to tell anything about whether Thomas is even ready to get back at it this weekend. Oregon should be in no rush to bring either of them back. More formidable woes await down the road.

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