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PHOTO: Best College Gameday Sign: 'Big Balls Chip'

College Gameday was in Eugene last week, and all the best signs were on display with their usual brand of Pac-12 humor. The best sign on the day was hilarious and apropos, and well worth your viewing thanks to Dan Fogaty at Sportsgrid and Mocksession for capping the images.

Photo probably NSFW after the jump. We're sorry for those who are offended by this photo, but you'll have to blame the Disney censors in charge of College Gameday for letting this through. At least we gave you a warning!


(HT to Sportsgrid)

This is doubly funny, because while this probably best describes the way Chip Kelly coaches, if you remember the South Park episode in question, the big balls were necessitated to help Randy obtain a supply of medical marijuana. The thought of Chip going for it on 4th down to obtain some of the highest-quality bud imaginable ... sounds perfectly reasonable. Might explain why he told those fans to shut up -- they were keeping him from the ultimate prize.

For more on Chip Kelly and his cajones, head to Addicted to Quack.