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Oregon State Fan Tries To Inspire Jordan Poyer

The Oregon St. Beavers need something to get them back on the winning track, as they're now at 1-5, have dates with Stanford and Oregon upcoming, and look to be straight on the road to a second straight year out of the postseason. They need something to get them out of this rut. They need a spark, a leader, a hero.

This might just be the message of inspiration they needed to get there.  Paul Buker of the Oregonian with the story.

Riley said he can understand fans being frustrated with what is happening on the field – OSU has lost 7 out of its last 8 games and 9 out of its last 11 going back to last season – but Riley can’t understand fans being frustrated to the point where they would "key’’ a players’ car and leave a nasty anonymous note on the windshield.

It happened to Beavers’ cornerback Jordan Poyer, who made four tackles in the game, broke up two passes, and returned an interception 51 yards for a touchdown in the first half.

Riley and Poyer were both upset. It isn’t known if the person who scratched Poyer’s car was a student.

Poyer noted on Twitter Sunday, "To whoever keyed my car last night saying ‘(bleep) you win a game’ I hope you’re feeling better about yourself.’’

What a man. What a fan. You're saluted for your bravery, anonymous. I'm sure Poyer will definitely get right on it and work even harder to make appreciative fans like yourself proud. It's unbelievable fewer fans don't follow your example to rally the troops. It's almost as if they would consider this type of courage foolhardy.

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