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BCS Bowl Projections, Week 8: Can Oregon Ducks Return To The BCS?

With all the undefeated teams out there, it's going to be extremely difficult for the one-loss Oregon Ducks to return to the BCS National Championship game. So the question turns to whether they can return back to the BCS either as the Pac-12 champion, or an at-large.

Getting there as the conference champion is pretty straightforward--beat the Stanford Cardinal in Palo Alto, beat the Washington Huskies in Seattle, and they should be well on their way to hosting the title game in the first week in December in Eugene. It won't be the easiest task to take out Andrew Luck and Keith Price on the road, but that's the task that lies ahead of them.

Getting there as the at-large is a bigger question mark. Oregon would probably either have to win out, get to the conference championship game and lose, or lose to Stanford in a close game and hope that two competitive losses to top five teams is enough to keep them in the BCS race. According to the ESPN bowl projections, Brad Edwards seems to believe in the former scenario; Mark Schlabach seems to believe in the latter scenario. Ted Miller isn't buying it, and has Oregon in the Valero Alamo Bowl.

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