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Oregon State vs. BYU Score Update: Beavers Trail 7-0 But In Position To Score After First Quarter

The Oregon State Beavers entered Saturday's game against the BYU Cougars looking to claim their second victory of the season after last week's 27-17 win over the Arizona Wildcats. They struggled early in the first quarter and find themselves down 7-0 with favorable field position at the end of the period.

 The Beavers received the game's opening kickoff but struggled offensively, recording only one first down before being forced to punt the ball away. The Cougars then pieced together a long drive that spanned 82 yards and ended up with a 10-yard touchdown run by running back Michael Alisa.

Oregon State relied heavily on the run during the following Beavers drive, using running back Malcolm Agnew to pick up yards and move the chain. Alisa has 39 rushing yards on seven carries through one quarter.

Beavers quarterback Sean Mannion has not thrown the ball often yet, passing for only 37 yards on four-of-seven- passing. Oregon State will start the second quarter with possession at the BYU 12-yard line.