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College Game Day: Lee Corso Picks Ducks Over Devils (PHOTO!)

One of the great traditions of college football is waking up every saturday morning and watching College Game Day before all of the games kickoff. Perhaps an even greater tradition is Lee Corso selecting his winner and then wearing the headgear of that school's mascot.

Tonight's matchup between the Oregon Ducks and Arizona State Sun Devils has big BCS implications and could be a preview of the Pac-12 championship game. Both teams are talented on both sides of the ball and the matchup could go either way.

Who does Lee Corso see winning the game? We have a photo after the jump...


H/T: @azcsports

Corso has only been wrong once this season -- he foolishly took Nebraska over Wisconsin, a game the Huskers lost by 50 points -- and Duck fans will only have to hope his winning ways continue. ASU is very confident heading into this game and building a big lead early could deflate a lot of that confidence accumulated over the past few weeks.