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Oregon Vs. ASU: Can Brock Osweiler Be Stopped By Ducks Defense?

The Oregon Ducks take on the Arizona St. Sun Devils, knowing full well they've had problems controlling functional pass offenses with efficient quarterbacks this season. The Arizona Wildcats did burn up Oregon during their visit to Tucson, particularly in the second half. Nick Foles completed 60 percent of his passes and three touchdowns, and racked it up 398 passing yards on 7.0 yards per attempt.  Arizona nearly made a game of it that way against Oregon.

Arizona State's offense is very similar to Arizona's, and Oregon knows they'll have to keep the pass offense in check. The key for Oregon will be to clog up the running attack, which will allow the Ducks to commit more members of the defense outside to stop ASU quarterback Brock Osweiler. Osweiler has proven that he can be just as effective as Foles, completing two-thirds of his passes and racking up nearly 8 yards per attempt, so it'll be very important for Oregon to make the Sun Devils as one-dimensional as possible.

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