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ESPN College Gameday: Oregon Campus To Be Featured As Set For First Time Ever

ESPN College Gameday is coming to Oregon this weekend with the No. 9 Ducks set to play the No. 18 Arizona State Sun Devils. The event marks the third time in as many years that the College Gameday crew will be up in Eugene, but it marks the first time that the set will be found on-campus. According to Craig Pintens- Oregon's athletic director for marketing and public relations- College Gameday will be set up on the Memorial Quad.

It appears that Oregon wants to showcase some of its campus scenery this time around. The school is breaking away from tradition: every other time that the Gameday crew has been to Oregon, they've set up at Autzen Stadium.

Here's a look at Memorial Quad:


University of Oregon Memorial Quad (via University of Oregon Libraries)

The quad features an expansive stretch of green around the university's main campus library and the school's tallest building (Campbell Hall). The change-up will provide the background for what should be an entertaining Pac-12 game between the Ducks and Sun Devils.