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VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon, Sebastian Bach Combine For Oregon Ducks Power Ballad

The Oregon Ducks football team seems to elicit ridiculous theme songs. In 2009, Supwitchugirl made it the year of I Love My Ducks. 2010 brought Return of the Quack, the follow-up hit to I Love My Ducks. Shortly after the calendar hit 2011, we already have a leader in the clubhouse for the most ridiculous Oregon song of the year, made in preparation for the BCS National Championship Game on Jan. 10. This time, however, it's Jimmy Fallon and rocker Sebastian Bach combining to make We Are The Ducks.

Watch, learn, love ... power ballad style.

Don't fight the feeling, just embrace it. You love this video and will be humming the tune in your head for the rest of the day now. It's so bad and so ridiculous, that it's actually catchy.

Everything about this is amazing. Bach embodying the essence of an 80s rocker, still living in the past; Fallon rocking out in Ducks' gear; the duck himself getting down to the song. Well-executed and, of course, hilarious.

Now we just have to hope ESPN takes this and runs with it, playing it as the Ducks battle the Auburn Tigers in the BCS National Championship Game