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Andrew Luck To Stay At Stanford Another Year As NFL Draft Shakeup Begins

Andrew Luck has been the darling of every NFL mock draft thus far, but it appears the Carolina Panthers are going to have to find another route to go with their No. 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Luck, the consensus No. 1 overall pick in the draft, has reportedly decided to stay at Stanford one more year, foregoing the 2011 draft.

Jon Wilner is reporting, passed on by Tim Kawakami, that Stanford is set to announce Luck will return for 2011.

Wow: Jon Wilner reports that Stanford is about to announce that Andrew Luck will STAY at school for 2011 season.

The move is surprising considering the guarantee that Luck would go No. 1 to the Carolina Panthers, if the word from the front office is to be believed. Beginning last week, however, word began to leak that Luck was considering staying one more year at Stanford. With the education the college provides, and the opportunities that would be available to Luck after football, it's a smart decision in an education sense. However, he could still complete his degree while taking the guaranteed money the NFL provides. With the uncertainty of football, it's a risky move.

On the draft side of it all, let the Andrew Luck sweepstakes begin. With Luck entering the 2012 NFL Draft, the race to the bottom is on for teams looking for a franchise quarterback. Tank in 2011 and Luck could be all yours. It should be a fascinating season with Luck on the market.