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Washington State Guard Reggie Moore Cited for Marijuana Possession

Washington State sophomore point guard Reggie Moore was arrested Monday on a drug possession charge that stemmed from a citation issued in early December. Washington State beat writer Vince Grippi broke the story on The Spokesman Review's Sportslink blog:

Moore was cited for two misdemeanors, possession of marijuana less than 40 grams and use of drug paraphernalia. Both have mandatory minimum sentences of one day in jail and a fine of usually between $250 and $500.

Moore, who sat out the first five games of the year due to a wrist injury, was a major part of the Cougars' success this season. When the Cougars were doing well, Moore played a huge part by spreading the ball around and letting others score. He is second on the team, behind only Klay Thompson, in assists per game. While he may not be a main scoring scoring threat on the court, he makes his presence felt through tenacious defense and scrappy ball-hawking play.

While fans are just now hearing about Moore's citation, coaches and team staff knew about the incident long ago. In a statement released by head coach Ken Bone, he mentions that the team has already dealt with this matter;

“This is a team matter that we take very seriously. We initially learned about this incident Dec. 12, and at this time we have dealt with, and are still dealing with the issue. We will take further appropriate action if necessary.”

It appears that Moore has already been punished by the team and will, more than likely, play in the game this Thursday against Oregon State.

Over at CougCenter, SB Nation Seattle's very own, Brian Floyd, takes a look at what this news does for the University's image:

It's disappointing to hear the news amid everything else. I'm tired of hearing news like this about our athletes. It doesn't just make the team look bad, it makes the school look bad and embarrasses the alumni. Clean it up and figure it out because this is getting ridiculous.