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FCS Championship: Eastern Washington Introduces Itself With Cheesy Rap Video

Raise your hand if you've ever been to Cheney, Washington, home of the Eastern Washington Eagles. If you have, the following video will hit close to home. If you haven't, the cheesy rap video about Eastern and the town it calls home is worthy of your heartiest mocking. Ahead of Friday's FCS Championship between the Eagles and the Delaware Blue Hens, we all might as well take the time to get acquainted with lovely Cheney.

Check out the ridiculous rap about the college town, incorporating some of the local "scenery," including landmarks such as Safeway and Chinese Buffet. (H/T The Big Lead)

Knowing the town, and the lay of the land, I'm surprised anyone ever thought to make a video about it. Cheney is, well, Cheney. There's a school, snow and red turf at Roos Field. Notable events include former Gonzaga forward Josh Heytfelt's arrest for possession of mushrooms while driving through the town and not much else I can think of off the top of my head.

This Friday, however, Cheney and Eastern Washington University have a chance to put themselves on the map for all the right reasons. The Eagles have powered through the FCS playoffs, setting up a championship game against Delaware in Frisco, Texas. Just bring the title home and we'll forget about this whole rap video mishap.