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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Draft Order Gives Seahawks A Chance At A Quarterback

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While Charlie Whitehurst may have performed well enough to snatch the Seattle Seahawks a playoff berth on Sunday night, it's clear the team still needs a franchise quarterback. A win over the St. Louis Rams was great for the present, but also means the Seahawks fell 13 spots in the 2011 NFL Draft, hurting their chances of grabbing a top-tier quarterback. In one of the first mock draft's of the year, SB Nation set about to figure out which teams would talk which players throughout the first year. The news, for Seattle, wasn't bad at all.

With quarterback the most glaring need, it appears, the mock draft has the Seahawks taking Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett. After starting the year with plenty of hype, Mallettt flew under the radar for much of 2010. Is he a franchise, cornerstone quarterback? Probably not.

21. Seattle Seahawks (7-9): Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas (JR). Sorry, Charlie Whitehurst. You may have helped the Seahawks win the NFC West, but yeah, you're not the long-term answer for Pete Carroll. Mallett's a nice value selection at this point, and could be a good system quarterback in the NFL.

Check out all 32 selections in the first of what will be many 2011 NFL Mock Drafts.