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VIDEO: Jared Cunningham Dunks, Kevin Calabro Goes Crazy

I'm a huge Kevin Calabro fan. I loved him when he was calling games for the Seattle Supersonics (never forget) and I love his enthusiasm for the game. To me, Calabro is basketball broadcasting. From "get on that magic carpet and ride, baby" to "get on up for the down-stroke," some of my fondest memories are Calabro on the call. Sunday night, as Oregon State battled Arizona, Jared Cunningham threw down a wicked tip-dunk.

As an added bonus, Calabro had the call. Turn the volume up to get the full effect.

H/T goes to BubbaProg from Mocksession.

Out of nowhere, Oregon State went 2-0 to start Pac-10 play, sweeping Arizona and Arizona State. On Sunday night, the Beavers beat the heavily favored Arizona Wildcats, 75-76. Cunningham, and his freakish athletic ability, are a big reason why. Against the Wilcats, Cunningham finished with 17 points, three rebounds, two assists, five steals and one wicked, make-em-say-ugh dunk.

It's moments like these that make me miss the Sonics so much. Not just the team, but KC on the call. Here's to the master calling more Pac-10 games this year.