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2011 Pro Bowl: Rosters, Time And Information For Sunday's Game

The 2011 Pro Bowl is set to take place on Sunday, but the Seattle Seahawks are left to relax and watch it from the comfort of their own homes like the rest of us. This year, no Seahawks made the roster, a sign of how the regular season went for the team. No matter, we still have a playoff victory to hang out hats on in Seattle after a surprise late-season run.

Here's the pertinent information about Sunday's games.

Teams: The AFC and NFC square-off with, well, nothing at stake. A win amounts to a game-check worth about $20,000 more than that of the losing team.

Rosters: The full rosters can be found here. Players from the Super Bowl teams -- Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers -- are ineligible to participate as they prepare for next weekend's main event.

Locale: Ahead of the 2010 Pro Bowl, Roger Goodell attempted to drastically change the Pro Bowl, moving it out of Hawaii and having the city that hosts the Super Bowl also host the Pro Bowl. After one year of the experiment, and a big stink from the players who wanted a vacation on the islands, the Pro Bowl is back at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

Game Time: 4 p.m. PST on Sunday, Jan. 30

Broadcasting Information: FOX has the broadcasting rights and will be bringing you all the action on Sunday. With the A-team of announcers preparing for the Super Bowl, Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick, and Terry Bradshaw will have the call this week.

If you love meaningless exhibitions that many of the players find a reason to skip out on, check out the Pro Bowl. It's always a good time waiting to see which player takes it too seriously and levels an opponent. My personal favorite, of course, was this one, by Sean Taylor. Don't try a fake punt in the Pro Bowl, son.

We'll be following all the action as the Pro Bowl nears, so stay tuned to our StoryStream.