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Adam Kennedy Arrested For DUI

Seattle Mariners utility player Adam Kennedy was arrested on a DUI charge in Orange County on Wedensday night, according to something called 'TMZ', who apparently specialize in breaking such news. According to a post on, Kennedy was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and or drugs at about 9PM on Wedesday, booked into a jail and released a few hours later. There's been no comment from the Mariners, but considering Kennedy was signed to a minor-league deal only it wouldn't be difficult to get rid of him should this prove overly embarrassing - unlike fellow jailbird Milton Bradley, Kennedy wasn't being paid very much money.

But that's not the real story here. Check out TMZ's headline:

MLB Star Adam Kennedy -- Busted for DUI

Today, we find out that someone thinks Adam Kennedy is a star baseball player. Granted, he did alright for the World Series-winning Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles in 2002, but according to Fangraphs he hasn't even been an average player since 2005. The man didn't even manage to stick around with the Nationals last year (they declined his $2M option in November). Oh, and the fact that he's a hitter signed by the Mariners who wasn't immediately guaranteed a spot in the starting lineup probably should also be a hint that 'stardom' may be a leap too far for Kennedy.

Bless you, TMZ. I'm looking forward to your coverage of MLB star Josh Wilson's bachelor party.