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Diego Forlan Rumors Represent A Change For Seattle

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SB Nation’s Sounder At Heart addressed the Diego Forlan rumors, examining what they mean to the sports landscape in Seattle. We’ve seen our share of high-profile athletes leave the city in their prime, leaving many to wonder why Seattle is a stepping stone, not a destination. Even just rumors Forlan wants to play in Seattle represent a shift in attitude, and are a positive sign for the Seattle Sounders going forward.

As a Seattle sports fan I’m used to Ken Griffey Jr. in 1999, or Randy Johnson in 1998, or A-Rod in 2000, or Shawn Kemp of 1997, or Gary Payton of 2003. Stars don’t come here by choice. They leave. Those that do come are young, and will leave when they can, like our own Steve Zakuani, Fredy Montero, Alvaro and probably many more.


The Sounders though are one of the premier organizations in their league. This is an organization of HAVES. In the remaining pro leagues here in Seattle, are we really going to think that they are one of the top 25% of destinations for peak athletes?

The fact that the Sounders are seeing their name attached to big name players in their prime is, more-or-less, unheard of the MLS. The league itself isn’t on-par with top-tier soccer leagues throughout the world. Yet here the Sounders are, entering their third-year of existence in the league, making waves and gaining global attention.

It’s attention we, as fans, could get used to as we watch the sport grow in Seattle.

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